Tuesday, October 28, 2003


No matter what we do, it seems errata are as inevitable as the sunrise.

Here's how we at the Knitty Professors deal with errata.

First, if you have purchased a pattern from us and discover an error, PLEASE let us know about it. In fact, the first person to find a particular error in a pattern receives a FREE PATTERN from that designer. Just email Jordynn or Katie to let us know what you have found, and tell us what free pattern you would like in exchange for your excellent proof-reading. [If the errata is here on this page, then it has already been found, obviously.]

Second, we will publish errata here on this page. When we do pattern updates, we will make the change on the published .pdf of the pattern AND email those who have purchased the pattern so that they can download a free updated copy.

Here are some errata we are aware of at the moment.

[Page last updated 12-6-2013]

Chopin Cabled Handwarmers

[updated 12-6-2013]

Cable Round 5 should read as follows (changes in bold): p2/[k2, p2]/[k4, p2], k4, C8B, p2, k to end of round.

Nella Cropped Cardigan

Under "Separate Arms," substitute the following text for the text that is there:

S1, k to first marker, remove marker, place all sleeve sts on scrap yarn until next marker, remove marker, k to next marker (this is the back), remove marker, place all sleeve sts on scrap yarn until next marker, remove marker, k to end.

Liliane Sweater Coat

"Work Raglan Increases" Section should read as follows:

- **Continue to slip the first st of all rows**
- On WS, k 30/34/38 sts for the front, pm, k 16/18/20 sts for the left sleeve, pm, k 30/34/38 sts for the back, pm, k 15/17/18 sts for the right sleeve, m1 st, pm, k1.
- Row 1 and all RS Rows: Slip 1, Work in BR until 1 st before first m, kfb, sl m, kfb, repeat for next 3 markers.
- **Note: on the first "row 1," you will kfb into the first st of the row, then slip the marker, then continue as written. This will set up the front left increases.
- Row 2 and all WS Rows: Slip 1, knit all sts.
- Continue increasing in this manner until you have 23/27/31 total increases. End on a WS.

Vera Rubin Cardigan

The pattern notes indicate that there are "hip increases" in the pattern--but this is incorrect. The pattern includes waist decreases only, no hip increases. However, if you would like hip increases, you could substitute kfbs for the k2togs/SSKs of the waist decreases, once you past the narrowest part of your hips.

Tenley Sweater

  • Under "Detailed Instructions" for the cable round, it currently reads that S, M, and L should all be worked the same way. This is incorrect. Size Large should be worked the same as size XL.
  • The hip increases are currently written to be worked just inside the side markers on the FRONT side of the sweater. They should be actually be worked--just as written--on the BACK side of the sweater, just on the other side of the markers--a 3 st shift on both sides of the sweater.

Jane Goodall

The Jane Goodall pattern as written indicates 5” of negative ease. This should read 5” of positive ease (give or take a few inches). So, if your bust measurement is 45” the 48” size would be appropriate. The goal is to have a few extra inches so the sweater will be loose fitting.

Simple Gull Socks

Under "turning heel":
Row 1: (RS) Knit until 8 sts rem, k2tog. Turn.
Then add these rows:
Row 3: K until the 1 st before the small gap left by the last k2tog, k2tog. Turn.
Row 4: Purl until 1 st before the small gap left by the last p2tog, turn.
Repeat Rows 3-4 until you can do no more.