Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Handwarmers, part 1

This morning I said to MAP before he left for work: "We need to come to an understanding about me warming my cold hands on you. I agree to make you yummy stuff on the stove, and you agree to let me put my cold hands under your shirt." Like many people I suffer from freezing-cold-hand-itis (and its partner, ice-cube-feet-itis). MAP sometimes runs away when I try to warm my hands. My arguments are to no avail. (e.g., I'm so cold, can you imagine how hard it must be to be this cold?)

His response to my suggestion was that I crochet myself some handwarmers to use when I type my dissertation and my novel -- late-night typing seems to create serious hand-coldness. He said if I made the handwarmers in good faith, and wore them, and my hands were still cold, I could warm them on him all I want. (At least that's what I heard.)

So, instead of working on said dissertation and novel I'm crocheting and writing a pattern today for some ribbed handwarmers. I'm using a mercerized cotton that I had on hand. There's lots of patterns out there I know, but none that I like. I'll post the pattern and instructions when I get farther along. As usual with 2-part projects (socks, gloves, etc.), the first tends to be the experiment and the pattern drafting; the second I use to test the pattern. I'll take pictures along the way as well.

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