Friday, January 26, 2007

Handwarmers, Part 2

I've finished a pair of handwarmers. I made them out of mercerized cotton. Don't ask me why. They're not really "warm." Because they're made of mercerized cotton. Plus, when I tried them on for this guy I don't know very well, he said, "Um, okay. You look like you're going to go have tea with the Queen." I need to sew a button on the upper wrist to go with my button hole, I'm thinking an ivory color. So pardon the lack of button. Here's a photo:

I'm going to make another pair, this time out of merino wool. When I have the merino pair finished, I'll have a better pattern to share, written for wool instead of cotton.

The basic idea I, ahem, borrowed from the brimmed caps I made: two front post double crochets, then two/three/four back post double crochets, working in the round, to form a ribbed pattern. Here's a close-up of the hand area:

If you really really want the pattern right now and think you can figure it out without my modifications, I'll be glad to send it to you as-is. I have it in a .pdf file that I can email to you. Just post to this blog your email address or send me an email directly.

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