Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Swift on a Chair

My awesome significant-other-person MAP gave me a beautiful maple wood swift for xmas (purchased at Yarns Etc. in Carrboro). We named it Jonathan. I purchased a darling little winder to go with it (previously mentioned, named Harry). So now I have Jonathan and Harry and I want to wind all of my yarn while watching Arrested Development. The problem is, I don't have a table of the right shape to clamp these great tools upon.

Voila. Harry and Jonathan, happy together.

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C.C. said...

Hurray! Katie's got a yarn blog! I was thinking of starting my own so I could work out my obsessiveness with knit+crochet, and am so glad to see you are enjoying (and blogging about) the joys of recycling found treasure. I wish I could have been here when you and A.A. had a winding party with Jonathan and Harry (what well-suited names!), hopefully we can have another one soon?