Wednesday, May 9, 2007

May Showers

Here's what must happen this week:

1. Save The Date cards must be sent Thursday because my dear MAP asked me to marry him 2 weeks ago, and apparently people send TWO invitations to weddings these days, not just one.

2. Dissertation must be defended on Friday morning so that I can take my new job at the fancy state university this fall without a hitch.

3. House must be packed because I close at the end of the month. (I. Have. Not. Started.)

So now, a question for my readers: How much knitting has happened this week?

a. A lot.

b. A humongous amount.

c. Like, so much it could cover Mount Everest.

d. Where is Dr. Fibersmarts? All I see is a huge pile of yarn. Wait. Is that pile of yarn breathing?


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