Monday, July 2, 2007

Hat-to-Purse Reinvention Idea

Here's a reinvention / recycling project to try.

Go to a thrift store and buy a cheap, ugly, 100% wool knit hat. Felt the hat. (Look up felting instructions on internet.)

Sew straps and zipper into hat in coordinating colors, total cost: $3.00.

Use purse, and when people ask if you made it, say "Yes!"

The one I have here was not a "cheap" or "ugly" thrift store hat to begin with -- my friend C. knitted it. Then she felted it and hated the results. I rescued it from the trash and made the purse you see here.

I used inexpensive nylon webbing by-the-yard from a craft store for the straps and bought a zipper in the exact same color.

(And C., whenever anyone asks me if I made it, I always tell them that you did the knitting, of course.)

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