Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Knitty Friends

I used to have the world's best knitty friend. Her name is C. and she and I were housemates for a little while, while I was finishing my dissertation, and we would spend hours knitting--either at the bar, or on the front porch with Coronas. She taught me everything I know, really. Then, disaster struck, and she moved to Japan.

Knitting has become a solitary endeavor.

Then, last Sunday, after pulling myself from the shadowy wasteland of my bachelorette party hangover, I met a departmental colleague and another academic for a knitty time at our local over-sized bookshop's cafe. It was great. I found myself in the odd position of the person to whom questions were asked, but I didn't mind that, and we all know how the teacher can become the student.

I hope this becomes a regular thing. Wish our new fragile group luck against the forces of social inertia.

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Courtenay said...

AHHHH, I'm jealous!!!! I loved being the teacher and I loved knitting with a good friend. I loved commiserating over big (or not so big) fuck-ups. I'm the lonely knitter now!!! I spend way too much time on blogs, hoping to make up for this loss. And....can you believe....when the Brits at work saw me knitting during break one day, they called me an "OLD GRANNY". Respect the craft, dammit!!!!

-the lone, misunderstood knitter