Friday, September 21, 2007

Men can be funny - who knew?

My M.A.P. and I were sitting on the couch watching our new 50" plasma television (what the heck? clearly I wasn't a part of that decision) and I was typing a blog entry. He said, "Your knitting blog is called what? Cyber Farts?"

It was an accidental slip of the tongue, actually, the transposing of the first letters of each word. But of course, now it's the preferred phrase of our household (if you are 6'3" and male).

Yes, I'm marrying a teenager, complete with oversized televisions and fart jokes.

But you know, Knitty Gritty lookes bitching on that T.V. screen -- you should see those swatch close-ups. You can actually count the gauge from across the room.

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Courtenay said...

Hehehe....yes, I was well aware that I was living with two teenagers back at Burch Ave. I don't think that humor ever goes away. Are we supposed to just deal with this, and to act like our men are really men? I must admit though, I laughed when I first read it too. I think for women, the humor just dies off more quickly. As for men, they derive endless pleasure from the same joke over and over again. Especially if that joke concerns the anus in any way.