Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dr. Fibersmarts in Japan

Sorry for the blogging hiatus. I have come to Japan to visit my friend Raptwithfiber and I have buried myself in yarn. I might have to buy another suitcase to carry it home in. Do I have to declare yarn? The answer is probably yes.

I have found heaven and it is called Yuzawaya.

Holy sh*t I have never seen anything like that before. I bought a 10 pack of Noro Kureyon 188 for 6800 yen, about 63 dollars or so. I like that math. I also bought a 10-pack of some Filatura mohair stuff and a 10-pack of a Japanese alpaca blend. They have this big sale bin where yarn 10-packs are all half-off. The Filatura di Crosa was $3.50, the alpaca $2.75 a skein. Since they were giving it away, I was forced to accept.

The Japanese Puppy alpaca blend was also purchased by R.W.F. and we're doing a knit-along this week to OhMyStars's Buttony sweater. We bought buttons at the second most awesome place on earth, Okadaya, a craft store in the Shinjuku neighborhood. Wherein more yarn was also purchased--Noro, Filatura ZarOne, etc. etc.

Check Ravelry for our mods of Buttony.

Pictures later.

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