Saturday, January 26, 2008

Introduction and Current Projects

Hi, I'm Jordynn and I'm excited to start blogging here at FiberSmarts. (You can check out my regular blog here, for non-knitting related stuff).

My current works in progress:

1) A free-form, fair isle baby cloth. I'm making up the pattern as I go along, but I'll post it to ravelry when I'm done. (My username is CanadianBacon):

2) Legwarmers made from a recycled sweater. I was inspired by Christian's denim design from last week's Project Runway to convert the sleeves into legwarmers. I'm using at 100% wool sweater from Ann Taylor in size M. My plan is to pick up and knit around the top edge in k2, p2 rib, using US size 6's. I'll post an update once I get started. Here are the sleeves as they look now :

3) I'm developing a pattern for some knit, roll top shorts inspired by dancewear. Ballet dancers wear shorts like these over their leotards to keep their hips warm, but also because they just look cool. So why not make some not just for dancers, but for wearing around the house or as PJs? My plan is to figure out something that will look sort of like these.

I'm also excited to start working with this seafoam green Banana Silk yarn, which I got for $13.06 on eBay. I think I'll use it for a home decor item--maybe a pillow cover. I love the sheen to the yarn and the texture, but to be honest it smells a little like hemp!

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