Thursday, January 3, 2008

Who Looks Good In This Sh*t?

Here's the Twinkle Evening Shell I knitted on New Year's eve and wore that night:

I worked hard to make the thing fit right, and followed the pattern exactly (something I never do). I used this scrumptious yarn (Cascade Magnum).

And yet I look like Barney.

I don't think it's possible to look good in Twinkle's designs unless you're built like a stick insect. I love the book, I love the pictures. It'll look nice on the coffee table, but I sure as hell won't be knitting out of it again. (Except maybe that deconstructed mohair shrug. That's sexy.)

So now I'm stuck with three huge skeins of Cascade Magnum in this great orangey-brown color that I will not be using to make the Twinkle Hoodie. What's a girl to do?

Serendipity strikes. I stumble upon my new fav knitting blog, and another soul mate who doesn't know it yet, John Brinegar at Yarn Ball Boogie. He knitted a simple, oversized, scrumptious seed-stitch scarf with bulky yarn. [Here.] I'm making one too:

Perhaps you'll think it's a waste of this fancy yarn. But I don't. I can't wait to wrap myself in a blanket disguised as a scarf.

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jordynn said...

Maybe the yarn is just too chunky to make it fit closely?