Saturday, February 23, 2008

NELLA Cropped Cardigan

[update 13 Mar. 10]

Nella is available in many sizes, from XS through 2XL, for $6.


Nella was inspired by dresses of the 1930s, with their swooping necklines, wide sleeves, and front ties. The Noro Kureyon accentuates the lines of the piece.

I've named it after Nella Larsen, a fabulous author of the Harlen Renaissance. Check out the style of these ladies:

Nella knit in one pieces from the top-down, then the sleeves are picked up and added, again from the top down, on two circulars.

Next, the entire edge of the piece is picked up and a garter-stitch trim applied.

At the neckline, the garter-stitch trim is applied from the top edge, working up, decreasing and shaping. Lastly, the i-cord and applied i-cord are applied, creating the tie and the neckline edging.

Interested in making Nella?

Buy the pattern for $6.00, sizes XS through 2XL.


Courtenay said...

I love love love it!!!!!

Fabulous design for Noro. I think Noro is difficult to design for. You did a spectacular job. I am making this as soon as you tell me how to!

larissa said...

Damn, I was ready to start right now! And wow, I love the hat on that lady on the left. Wonderful. I'm keeping my eye out for the pattern.

Dawn said...

Beautiful!I have some Noro that I have been waiting to use. Can't wait for the pattern.

cathye said...

So serendipitous! I was looking for a cardigan to knit, and I *just* finished reading "Passing".

Loved the book, love the sweater!