Thursday, March 20, 2008

On Ugly Sweaters

Jordynn and I are talking over knitting at the moment and we have come to a conundrum.

Let me approach the conundrum via simile.

You know how your friend with the ugly kids thinks her kids are just gorgeous, simply because they are her kids? As though her act of creation has blinded her to the irrefutable fact that her kids are ugly?

I'm having a funny feeling that the sweaters I knit are actually ugly, and that I would never wear them if I didn't knit them. Then, I start getting this horrible feeling that I'm walking around in ugly sweaters and that I can't tell that they are ugly.

I usually have fabulous fashion sense. I can look at a fashion trend that blinds other people because of its trendiness and simply say, "Wow, is that ugly."

E.g. Uggs boots with mini-skirts or on anyone that isn't an Australian surfer; wool short-shorts with tights in winter, especially the kind with the stupid buttons on the front like a Bavarian child would wear and make you ask "what's with the lederhosen"?; the resurgences of leggings a la Lindsay Lohan.

Wow. Hideous.

But then, what's with me presuming that my hand-knits are cool just because they're my handknits? That's just a logical fallacy. Hand-knit does not yield coolness.

In fact, most often it's just the opposite.

What else would explain this?


Courtenay said...

I also despise all of those fashion trends that you mentioned. But then I realized when looking at the near-famous blog thesartorialist, that what people consider high fashion is actually exceedingly ugly. People pay thousands of dollars for some piece of shit because someone told them it was cool, or some designer made it (why do they get to decide what's "cool"?). Anyways, if you are hinting with this post that you think Nella is ugly, I urge you to reconsider. It's got a great shape and looks great on you. And anyways, who the hell cares if other people think we are cool in our handknits? Even if we wear ugly sweaters, we're still cooler than people who go spending $100 on some piece of fabric sewed together by someone in another country, for very very little money, in horrible working conditions. Enough said!

Liv said...

i second that! well said court!