Thursday, April 24, 2008

What on Earth is Katie up to?

Yes, I have been terribly mute on this blog of late. This is a sad, photo-less post meant to let readers know that I'm still alive and knitting.

There have been many projects in the works.


First, I created an store as a venue for selling finished projects that I had more of a theoretical interest in. Sometimes I knit items because I want to try a new technique, but the FO isn't something that I need to have around.

These items are usually snatched up by my non-knitting friends like gold. Unlike many knitters, I don't knit stuff to give away--I usually rip and reuse the yarn. My father has no scarves, socks, or hats (let alone sweaters); my mother has a Tudora, and that's it. My husband has NOTHING (but I'm working on that--see The Gamekeeper, below).

I thought an Etsy shop would be a great way to share things with others. The items listed are (usually) less expensive than the materials cost. Check it out.


I'm working on lots of new projects using some great patterns out there. I'm knitting another Clapotis, this time from some Malabrigo yarn that I bought at the Quarterstitch in New Orleans. I'm using size 7 needles to get a tighter gauge. Question: does anyone else exclaim with surprise every time they touch fabric knitted in Malabrigo worsted because it is so stinking soft? It's otherworldly. Aahh.

I'm also knitting a Lady Eleanor from some Noro Niji that I picked up from the Webs sale. This project is taking for freaking ever. But my friend G. convinced be to go back to it, and finish it. Thanks, G.!

I'm also working on a Xylem sweater, designed by Jordynn, my blogmate. This has been a WIP for a while now too, but I'm hopeful that I will finish it soon.


What's really taking up my time is all of the design work I've been doing lately.

I redesigned the pattern for the Clarissa Summer Shrug and uploaded it finally.

I reworked the Nella Cropped Cardigan pattern to provide sizing for Small, Medium, and Large, and uploaded that as well.

There's some new patterns in the works as well.

Desdemona's Scarf: A mohair lace shawl with light beading.

The Gamekeeper: A great superwash men's sweater with a cable motif. Finally a sweater for my husband.

Dalloway: A lacey shrug that knits super quickly with any worsted weight yarn. An excellent newbie sweater project.

Paris Lace Scarf: A squarish lace scarf with beading to tie around your neck any time of year to give you that je ne sais quoi.

Fuzz-Ball Bootees: Made them for my nephew kind of off the cuff, but whereever he goes with them on, strangers demand to know about the bootees. Seriously, they are as big and fluffy as his head. So I'm writing up a pattern for these as well.

Sorry for the lack of photos. I just wanted to give a quick update.

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