Friday, May 2, 2008

Some FOs, and Revising One's Knitting

I've finished some projects.

It seems that in all areas of my life, I finish a whole bunch of projects all at once. With my writing, both creative and research, I keep three or four (or eight--who am I kidding) projects going all at once, to prevent boredom, and because the cross-pollination seems to help my creativity. What happens, though, is that I end up with two or three or four projects all finishing at the same time. It's a little overwhelming. And then, once they're done, I hit a lull that can be hard to break out out of. I just want to sit on the couch and watch the Gilmore Girls and revel in my accomplishment. (Rory should dump Logan. Period. I can't stand self-satisfied, semi-alcoholic guys like that.)

The same goes with my knitting. I cast on and cast on and cast on like an insane person, until I have three or four (or eight) projects happening at once. Then, I work furiously to finish them off--it's like I deliberately put pressure on myself. Then, I end up with a whole bunch of FOs at once.

So, in the last week, I finished

Dalloway (a Pryal Design).

Clapotis #2, aka, "El Malaclapo," in Malabrigo worsted (color "Colchina"):

I love how this one turned out.

And a version of Lady Eleanor, made of Noro Niji yarn that I got on sale from Webs. This stuff stretches like crazy, so this ended up crazy-wide. I bound off and made a blanket (a baby blanket...) instead. Meanwhile, I'm casting on with the rest of the Niji to make a shawl to match (a mommy + baby set... . What could these ellipses mean?? Does K-Ro have a secret? Maybe. or Maybe not.)

I'm also revising some projects that I finished--one's that I wasn't totally satisfied with. For example, the second Nella I made, out of Plymouth Boku. The yarn was a squishy, much less sproingy than Kureyon. So the sweater ended up too big around the middle. But it's just perfect as a cardigan, thanks to the hook-and-eye closures I sewed on today.

Ah, satisfaction.

Now, I'm revising Xylem and finishing a lace scarf pattern I've written.

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