Thursday, May 15, 2008

WIP Update

After finishing my Plath cardigan, I've started a number of new projects.

First, a new design project inspired by salsa singer Celia Cruz. My idea is to create a convertible tank top. I've finished a first draft of the body, below, but still have to make straps.

I also want to tweak the fit a bit with short row shaping for the bust, and maybe a different stitch pattern for the top part instead of plain stockinette.

I've started a light pink version that will use a different stitch and fix the shaping--I cast on about 10 fewer stitches this time, and I'm using a subtle, textured stitch for the top. You can see the detail of the floral band better in this picture, too:

I also cast on for Dalloway. I'm calling mine Oatmeal Dalloway because I'm using neutral beige and ecru yarn. This is a really fun project so far--kind of addictive!

I'm also using some recycled yarn to make the Pintuck T-shirt. Since I just cast on I don't have a photo yet, but here's the yarn I'm using, recycled from a 100% extrafine merino J.Crew sweater. I think it will be pretty!

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