Saturday, July 5, 2008

Blue Dalloway, Labels, and a Bundle of Knitting Inspiration

I finished another Dalloway, and Jordynn modeled it for me:

I'm sending it off today for a dear cousin's birthday. You might not believe me, because it's pretty unbelievable, but her eyes are the same color blue as that trim. (sigh with jealousy)

She's also a Captain in the Air Force, and showed up for rehearsal at my wedding (she was a bridesmaid) in her flight suit. She landed her plane, hopped in her car in Charleston, S.C., and drove straight to the church without stopping. Too cool for

Before I could send the sweater to her, I had to wait for my new labels to arrive. I thought a lot about what I wanted these to look like, and I'm really happy with them.

Now comes the chore of sewing them into everything.

Lately, I've been thinking about knitting for babies. Jordynn is great to work with on this, because she loves babies.

I pretty much only *love* one baby right now, but he's the best thing in the world.

He's my sister's baby, with her husband Y., two of my favorite people in the world. So naturally, their kid would be priceless to me. I've knit him 2 pairs of bootees. One pair, my Fuzz-Ball Bootees, will eventually be written into a pattern. He wears them and people go crazy over the ridiculously cute baby with bootees that are as big as his head. They're like pom-poms on his feet.

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