Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bryher Mod

Check out Olivia-in-Australia's post about scarves she's made for her three best friends. She modified Bryher into a neckwarmer and it's just gorgeous.

I just realized that no one ever knits any gifts for me. I'm constantly unloading stuff on friends, but nothing ever makes its way my direction.

Except for my friend C. who is apparently knitting a wedding gift for me. (Note to C: They say you have a year before you breach etiquette. You have 2.5 months.)


Courtenay said...

I don't follow the "rules of etiquette", but wouldn't ya know, I finished the 5th repeat of the lace pattern today. Isn't it more fun to get wedding presents 1 year later, anyways? You gotta save the best for last!

Olivia said...

aw, thanks for the kind words *blush*. And thanks for the free pattern. I enjoyed stuffing it up and then calling it a modification!