Saturday, July 5, 2008

Why Birthdays Rock, and Stash Enhancement

June is my birthday month, and it was great for my knitting.

My mother's gift was stroke of genius. She is not a knitter (a crazy quilting lady, sure, but not a knitter). So she consulted a friend who is a knitter, asking what a great gift would be, and followed the advice.

The gift turned out to be a fabulous set of interchangeable circular needles made of bamboo and super-flexible, super-fine cables. She also got me a second set of cables. It all stores in this great, compact fabric case. I can't wait to travel.

Jordynn got me a great gift too. First, four skeins of Cascade 220 Tweeds in a great brownish-taupe color, one of my favorite shades. Maybe I'll use it for Forecast. She also got me a subscription to Interweave Knits. This is a great gift, because it's something I would never get for myself--it's the perfect luxury.

But I find that the best gifts can be the ones you give yourself. After all, no one knows what you want more than you do. So I did some stash enhancement at the store closing sale of a local yarn shop--everything was a straight 50% off. Bam.

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Nikki said...

Wow, nice b-day gift, especially that IK subscription. Score!