Thursday, October 10, 2002

PryalSpun Handspun Fiber Store

Greetings--my name is Katie Rose Pryal and I produce fibers, yarns, and handmade accessories for sale.

The ethos that drives this store is one of eco-friendliness and low-industrialization.

For this reason, I specialize in eco-friendly and recycled materials. All "new" fibers are purchased from small farms in the raw. I wash the raw fibers by hand and dye them in my kitchen. I spin using a wheel and hand spindles.

Check out the small gallery of fibers and accessories here, and visit my Etsy page if you would like to purchase. For more information, and custom or special orders, contact me. I'm krgp on Ravelry, and I love having new friends.

Handspun Yarns

I have a few different lines of yarns, depending on their content and the techniques used to spin them. Here's the (ever-growing) list, with some photo examples.

  • Felted Heaven: The yarns are made of approx. 70% recycled fiber and 30% new fiber. The base of every one of these yarns is a sweater from the thrift store that was either already felted by its previous owner, or damaged/stained and then felted by me. I rarely by a thrift store sweater for spinning that doesn't have a good life left as a sweater--destroying a perfectly good sweater is not "recycling." Most of the Felted Heaven yarns are spun once with thread to give them strength and shape, and then spun again with a new fiber or plied with a single I spun out of new fiber. These yarns are mostly super-bulky, and make great scarves.

  • 2-Ply, 2-Ply Sport, and 2-Ply Bulky: These yarns can either be made of all new fiber, or of one strand recycled yarn from an unraveled thrift store sweater and one strand that is a single spun from new wool.

2-Ply Sport Weight [All new yarn]

2-Ply in Icelandic Wool [all new fiber]

2-Ply [all new fiber]

  • Recycled CoreSpun: These yarns are produced of approx. 50% recycled fiber and 50% "new" fiber. The recycled fiber is from thrift store reject sweaters unwound into yarn. I use the recycled fiber as a core, and spun hand-carded roving around it, creating a lofty yarn with a srong middle.

Recycled CoreSpun, Color: Colorado

Recycled CoreSpun, Color: Rubicon
Not Available for Purchase

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