Friday, October 10, 2008

Knitting Travels: London Round-Up

I knit a lot in London, because I knit a lot on public transportation, and there's a lot of public transpo in London.

There are also a lot of parks. And like our friend E.Z., I like knitting in parks. This is the park at Leicester Square.

One thing I noticed, though, was that I saw no one else knitting. Anywhere. I thought this was strange, because (unlike, say, Japan) London seems similar in culture to home. And since people knit everywhere here, I figured they would knit everywhere there, too. But they don't.

I could only find one LYS in central London, and I was excited to check it out. It sits south of the Thames, basically in the shadow of Waterloo station. But when we got there on Saturday, they were closed.

Apparently, they were co-hosting an event with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee in some entirely other part of London. The husband offered to go there with me, but the timing was poor--by the time we hiked across town (and the river) to where the event was being held, we'd only have a few minutes there.

I was disappointed that the shop would be closed the only day I had to visit it.

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