Friday, October 10, 2008

Lady Eleanor Redux: Mermaid

I finished my second go at the Lady E. entrelac stole from Scarf Style. I used plymouth yarns "boku" in two colorways--7 skeins of the bluish, and one skein of the pinkish. Boku is the poor knitter's silk garden--I think I paid $4/skein. If you've been reading this blog at all, you know I love Noro (I went to Japan to buy it), but I have to give this Boku props. Great colors and textures for the cash.

I put the pink panel 2/3s of the way down the stole, and although I feared it would look clownish, with all of those bright colors (that salmon pink! whoa!) but in the end the muted colors of the blue colorway create a peaceful tone which the pinks only complement.

In my humble opinion.

This picture is inspired by John B.'s nudie lady e. pic over at his blog, yarn ball boogie.

Isn't that a great rug? I just got it from, 8 feet in diameter of wooly scrumptiousness.

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