Friday, October 24, 2008

Madame Wu Cardigan and 4 Days to Go

This cardigan was inspired by Chien-Shiung Wu, also known as the “First Lady of Physics.” Born in Shanghai, Wu studied physics in China before moving to the United States in 1936. After earning her PhD, she went to work on the Manhattan Project. She also helped to discover the law of parity in physics, but the Nobel Prize for this discovery went to two of her male colleagues. I think it is high time Wu gets a little credit, and this sweater is a tribute. The Mandarin collar is inspired by the traditional cheongsham Wu often wore, but the looser sleeves are more reminiscent of the older qípáo dress from which this more modern form of dress evolved.

empresswu 021

Madame Wu makes a great layering piece for winter. On warmer days, it can be worn with a simple tank or t-shirt underneath, or it can be layered over a long-sleeved shirt for a little extra warmth.

empresswu 009

Look for two more previews this week before we launch our pattern book on Monday!

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