Friday, October 10, 2008

this is so gross

so, you know how when you trim the ends off of a knitting project, you just throw them on the floor? well, my husband and i call these discarded ends "yarn gerbils," because they are small and fuzzy and vaguely rodentish from a distance.


our cat* has turned to hunting in her middle years. she has a cat door in the window and free access to the house. sometimes, she brings in little, dead, furry/feathery things.

the other day, michael was vacuuming the yarn gerbils in the den and there was a loud *thooomp* in the vacuum.

yes, the yarn gerbils had camouflaged the actual small dead thing on the floor of our den that our cat had brought in the day before.

the problem with vacuuming small carcasses is, they don't just get neatly sucked into the vacuum. they explode into tiny, stinky, dead-furry-thing-bits that take hours and hours to remove from your life.

it totally and completely makes you want to throw up.

*[i swore i would never, ever blog on my knitting blog about my cat. it's such a g.d. cliche, the knitty girl and her freaking cat.

in my defense, i'm not overwhelming readers with cat-cuteness here.]

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