Friday, October 10, 2008

What a Great Time... be a knitter!

There are so many great knitting resources on the internet--after my friend C., I would name the internet as the second entity that taught me how to knit.

(C. resists when I say that she taught me how to knit. Don't listen to her. She's just being modest. There are many afternoons and evenings in my memory, with the history channel yapping in the background, us sitting on the world's most interesting-looking couch, and me screaming as loud as i can, with some brutalized piece of knitting in my hands, "F***. F***." And C. calmly saying, "It's okay. I can help you fix it." Check out her blog here.)

First, I must mention Knitty,, and Ravelry. Wow.

And now, Knotions just went live, as did Popknits. Knotions has a pretty and clean site, and I look forward to many great designs and articles. Popknits is especially interesting to me and Jordynn, because a lot of our designs are vintage-inspired (see Nella and Plath, for example). Popknits has vintage-inspiration as its theme.

Go forth! Read online knitting magazines!

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