Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Knitting

I made some hats for my sister, her husband, and their baby Julian--a.k.a. the cutest little stinking thing you've ever seen--for Christmas this year. I used Kimmie Kemper's pattern from Knitty, Swell. I made a few modifications, because my gauge was huge (4 sts/inch), and because I needed a baby size. (The mod notes are on the project's Ravelry page.)

Each one is a little different, with the sizing and the pom-pom configuration. Julian got three, momma Christie got one, and daddy Yomi didn't get any, because I thought the likelihood of Yomi wearing his hat had a pretty tight inverse correlation to the number of pom-poms I put on it.

I used some Plymouth Encore worsted in orange, and Cascade superwash 220 in the blue, so everything is good and washable. And fuzzy soft.

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