Friday, December 26, 2008

Homemade Christmas

This Christmas I made some ornaments out of some old felted sweaters. This is originally Jordynn's idea--check out her original post on this topic.

Simple Steps:
1. Draw pattern on heavyweight paper and cut out with scissors.
2. Pin pattern on 2 layers of felted sweater.
3. Cut around the pattern.
4. Now you can decorate the material as you wish--embroidery, sewing on spangles, etc.
5. Using embroidery thread and needle, sew the two halves together using blanket stitch. You might find it easier to pin the two halves together first. (Essentially you stitch from the front to the back and before pulling the thread tight, slip the needle through the loop in the thread, then pull tight. Repeat.)
6. Keep sewing until a one inch hole is left. Stuff the two halves with polyfil. Then finish sewing the edge.