Sunday, January 4, 2009

Handspun Project #2: Urchin

[Whoa, check out that belly.]

Raptwithfiber, my knitty friend, visited for a week after Christmas. She whipped up some of her own handspun on my wheel, I brought out some I'd made back in November, and then we did a KAL to Ysolda's Urchin hat, from Knitty.

Here's the yarn I used--a blend of natural brown romney blended with a white fleece I dyed blue and pink. I carded the 3 colors together for a softly blended look. It's a bulky 2-ply and very soft.

It was PERFECT for this hat. After a few "HUH??" moments with the pattern, I memorized the short rows and now I love it--a brilliant way to make a fine-fitting hat.

Now if only this bizarre heat wave would go away, it would be cold enough to wear it. Note the lack of jacket in these pictures. 60 deg. in January? Seriously??

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rita said...

Would you mind sending that 60 degree weather my way (eastern WV)? Thankyouverymuch.

Gorgeous handspun!