Monday, January 12, 2009

Recycled Wrapping

I'm hardly the first person to do this, but I loved how it came out, so I'm sharing this with you.

Actually, these photos kinda suck, so it's hard to see how cute this wrapping paper is.

Recycled Wrapping Paper Instructions

Used paper grocery bags. Ones that have holes in the bottom are best--reuse the ones in good condition.
Rubber stamps / homemade stamps / potato stamps / sponges or other textured material. (I used rubber stamps to make this paper.)
Stamp pads in darkish colors

1. Cut the bags so they lie flat. You will discard the bottom of the bags. If the bags have handles, trim those off and discard. Then, cut from the top down one crease until you reach the base of the bag. Next, cut around the base of the bag, and discard (recycle) the base.

2. Lie paper flat, and stamp with stamps and ink pads. Use different colors. Do NOT worry about being neat.

3. Once you have a stack of paper, roll up in one big roll and put a rubber band around it. Put where you keep your wrapping paper.

4. Stop buying wrapping paper.

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