Friday, April 24, 2009

FREE: Crochet Crib Rail Guards

Here's the pattern. To know why I chose to make these, read this earlier post.

Such a fast project, and it looks so great.

These rail guards protect the rails from a chewing baby. Ours was a pre-loved crib, and the prior resident chewed the rails. I touched them up with paint and then crocheted these guards to match the bedding.

From fiberarts images


4 skeins of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece
Alternative Yarns: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease, Lion Brand Organic Cotton, Cascade Sierra. Note that yarn is worked held double.

6.00mm Crochet Hook
10+ Feet of 1-1.5 Inch Wide Satin Ribbon
Fray-Check (for the ribbon)
Yarn Needle (to weave in ends)

From fiberarts images


First, measure the length of your crib's rails. Mine were 50.5 inches. Then, subtract 4 inches, and that is the length your work should measure when finished. You want them a little short so that the fabric will stretch a little when you tie it on. Makes them look neater.

Next, measure the circumference of your rails. Mine were about 3.5 inches in circumference (pretty standard). Some of these newer cribs have really fat decorative rails. Be aware that you will need to make your fabric wider if you have really fat rails.

You will create a long rectangular piece of fabric that you will wrap around the rail and tie with some 8-10" pieces of ribbon. I tied every other rail opening--7 pieces of ribbon per side.

Cut the ribbon first. Cut 8 inch lengths for rails less than 4 inches in circumference. For rails that are larger in circumference, cut lengths of 10 inches (or even more, in your discretion). I suggest you cut them at an angle to make them pretty. Treat the ends with Fray-Check and set aside to dry.

Begin crocheting. Hold yarn double-stranded. For rails 4 inches in circumference or smaller, chain 16 (plus 1 for turning) and work flat in single crochet. Work 20 sts in width for larger rails. Or more, at your discretion. A little too big is OK--you just tie them tighter.

I worked until the fabric measured 46.5 inches in length (4 inches less than the measurement of the rail). Work yours depending on how long your rails are.

From fiberarts images

Use a crochet hook to pull lengths of ribbon through the fabric and tie with knots. Rotate the knots them so the ribbon ends stay on the exterior of the crib. (See photo.)


kalurah said...

How inventive!!! :)

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! I cant wait to make them. I just wish I could have made for my nephew who was a crib rail chewer but this would be great to cover it up :)

April Robinson said...

Such a fantastic idea!!!!! I will definitely be making a set for our newsest family miracle!

Kim said...

Also good for my little head bangers
! Will be making a set for each babies crib!

jany said...

Brilliant!! I made it for my daughters cot in pink with little white hearts appliqu├ęs.. the look beautiful on the cot..

Anonymous said...

These sound great. I just am not sure what to do with the side that is a two door gate. We got the cot converted so that I could get my DD out by myself and now at 14 months she just climbs in and I close the gate behind her.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to do this! My daughter is teething and has been chewing on the rails! And the rubber covers are expensive. So this is a WONDERFUL alternative!