Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Good Old Fashioned WIP Post

I’ve been making headway on Fifi:


Two problems, though:

1) The neck is rolling, so I’m going to have to pick up and add some kind of trim later.

2) I made the 38” size. I always forget that one should use the above bust measurement, ideally, and then add bust increases if necessary. I should have made the next smaller size. So it is a leetle less fitted than I’d like, and a little loose on the top. After seeing some of the really awesome ones on Ravelry, I’m tempted to start over, but I’m also lazy. So I might let this one marinate a bit.

I’ve decided to continue the pattern as is until it reaches below the bust, then switch to the slanted ribbed/cabled pattern. As written, the pattern switches right at the apex of the bust (see also Shalom, February Lady Sweater). It seems like on some figures this can either over-accentuate the bust, or flatten it out. I’ve noticed a lot of patterns are written this way, but to me the idea should usually be to call attention to the waist or to just beneath the bust. Maybe I’ve been watching too much What Not To Wear, but I think that’s generally a more flattering move.

Next up are Pimp My Longies:


I completely restarted these in a smaller size, using smaller needles, and they are much better! Unfortunately I ran out of yarn and had to trade for more with someone on Ravelry. I think you can see where I started the new ball of yarn, but I don’t think it is as noticeable in real life. And, let’s face it, they will be worn by a baby who will outgrow them in 2 seconds anyway, so I think it’s okay. I really like this pattern, now that I have the hang of it!

These are going to go with this sweater:


I might have to remake the sweater in a smaller size, but we’ll see how they match up. Baby patterns/sizes seem totally random to me.

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