Saturday, April 18, 2009


Occasionally, on the way home from work I stop by my local thrift store—usually I get a feeling that I’ll find something good. I was not disappointed today, since I found a cute dress, two skirts, and the motherlode of vintage men’s knitwear patterns.

The first book was Columbia-Minerva’s “A Man’s Handmades,” which features the following:


Sorry ladies, he’s MY boyfriend, and you can’t have him.


Knitwear is incredibly practical for sports activities, in case you didn’t know. Please note that the socks are part of the set. There’s also a lovely tennis racket cover (not pictured).


And who wouldn’t love to go hiking in this awesome alpine set, complete with man-bag, hat, and kneesocks?

Next up are selections from Bernat’s “For All Men” collection, circa 1960.


Apparently it was at one point acceptable for men to wear boatneck-ish sweaters.


Again, activewear is a big theme. I love the matching headband for this sweater (again, apparently not questionable circa 1960?)


Finally, what vintage knitwear book is complete without his ‘n her sweaters? This set has kind of a mod feel, no?

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