Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Russian Doll Knit Kit

After seeing the Knit Kit I decided it would be useful to have a mini-kit to hold knitting essentials when I don’t feel like lugging around everything (i.e., case with every pair of needles I own, etc.). I happened across this cute manicure kit the other day and she was too cute to pass up: 


She came with a pair of nail clippers, cuticle cutters, a nail file, and mini-scissors.

I kept the cuticle cutters (which will cut yarn) and the mini scissors, and then added stitch markers and a darning needle:


I put the stitch markers on a carabineer that came with my water bottle. Now I only need a way to store a smaller needle for Russian joining. I was hoping my chiba needle holder would fit, but it is too fat. Any ideas?  I was thinking one of those vials they use to pass out perfume samples would be good, but couldn’t find one in my makeup drawer.


Emily said...

This is wonderful!! I have the same manicure kit except it has a flip flop printed on the outside. I'm going to make some immediate changes... :)

Pattimoose said...

could your figure a way to put your two needles together in the same little holder?