Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Woolly Cuteness

I grew up on a farm and always wished for sheep. Instead we had stinky, wool-less cows and pigs. Today I found these lamb pictures and almost died from the cuteness. I hope the good people over at Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm and Hudson Valley Fiber Farm don’t mind us slurping these adorable pictures of their new lambs—I just couldn’t resist!


This little guy just seems to have so much personality.


Animal affection is sooooo sweet.


They even wear sweaters to keep warm! (Look closely below—they are camouflaged).

Head on over and look at their photos for more cuteness. While you are there, you can also drool over their beautiful yarns, which come in lovely rich colors.


La MaƱosa said...

Ohh, these are sweet babies. Actually, I believe they are Angora goats, rather than sheep (I grew up on a goat farm). I miss baby goats so!

jordynn said...

Who knew baby goats could look so much like lambs! Thanks for the note. :)

KRGP said...

I totally thought they were sheep.

I'm pretty sure I could tell the diff between a sheep and an angora bunny, but that's where my knowledge ends.