Monday, May 4, 2009

Katie’s Baby Shower

Since Katie and Michael’s little one is almost here, I hosted a shower this weekend. Hold on for knitting/fiber arts content. But first, the happy couple eating barbecue (the theme for the party):

katie and michael 

Michael practicing with baby Madelyn:


He looks like a pro already!

I gave Katie the little striped set I’ve been working on:


And her mom made her this beautiful quilt:


All in all, it was a fun day! Can’t wait for the baby to get here!

(Either can his adorable cousin-to-be, Julian):



Someday_phd said...

You look beautiful!

KRGP said...

Just to be clear, I *was* surprised to receive this set. Yes, I knew J had been knitting it, but she kept telling me it was for someone else. Liar! Meanwhile, I was sad it wasn't for me. But then it was! Liar is forgiven!