Thursday, May 28, 2009

Project Updates

Katie and I have been working on a secret project which has taken up much of my knitting time in the last few weeks. But I do have one FO and a few WIPS to update:

FO: Seamless Baby Kimono


I wanted this to be newborn size. It is for my sister’s baby, who needs a gender neutral take-me-home outfit since the sex will be a surprise.

I used the CO amount from the Bulky version of the sweater, since the smallest size was 3 months. There’s no CYC standard sizing for newborn knits, so I basically took an inch or so off of the 3 month sizes.

I’m semi-happy with this. The stockinette stitch tends to roll, and so I added crochet trim all around (with an extra row on the bottom). But that didn’t entirely fix the rolling. Since this was a quick knit I might do another version in garter stitch to see if that helps. And I kind of want more stripes on the bottom and ends of the sleeves.

I’m going to make matching pants, either another Pimp My Longies, or the “Keep Baby Warm” Leggings, which have feet. I’m trying to decide whether to make the pants green or white.

The yarn is Paton’s Country, which is okay to work with, but not great. It splits a bit. I used size 6s but I think next time I’ll go down to 5s for a tighter fabric.

Next up:


This takes forever, but right now it is my only easy stockinette/no pattern needed project. So I’m gradually making progress.




I’m not smart enough to figure out the front panel pattern, so I need to have a copy of the pattern on hand while knitting this, which has stalled my progress. But I’ll keep slogging on this.

And I cast on for a Leaf T-Shirt last night using the brown alpaca I got for Christmas:


It took me a while to decide what to make with this. I have 800 yards and I think it is DK weight, so most  sweaters were out of the question. I think this will be a cute layering piece for fall. If I have extra, I’ll make the sleeves longer. This is going to be a quick knit, I think. The only thing to worry about is the leaf lace pattern, which I don’t think I’ll be able to memorize (6 lines), but should be okay to bring with me for an on-the-go project.

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Aron said...

I love the baby kimono. Very cute. Do the pants in stripes :D