Sunday, June 14, 2009

(re)Vamp, (re)Launch: Dalloway Eyelet Shrug

The Dalloway Eyelet Shrug was a design I launched almost a year ago. [Read post here for my original inspiration.]

Lately, because the main staple of my wardrobe is a nursing tank, I have pulled out all of my shrugs and capelets and cardigans. I found myself dissatisfied with Dalloway--not the original eyelet pattern--the "body" of the sweater--but rather the trim. So I ripped it all out.

I had some more skeins of the Cascade 220 in the Walnut Heather color that I originally used, so I knew I had some length to play with.

First I reknit the sleeves--I lengthened the cuffs, and then worked the last 10 rows using a double-thickness of yarn to give it a semi-ruffled look.

From fiberarts images

Then I worked the bodice trim again. I worked for 5 inches in length and then work five rows in double-thickness. But the most important change was the rethinking of the bodice increases.

I used a simple YO eyelet pattern to really beef up the increases, adding more oomph to the bodice. See the double-vee pattern?

From fiberarts images

Now the sweater has a sweet curve around the neckline and bodice, essential for drawing attention to other assets while one's baby belly slowly disappears.

From fiberarts images

The pattern is available on Ravelry for purchase for $3.95.

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don't you just love those tanks!