Monday, August 24, 2009

Fall Sweater Forecast

It strikes me that designers have gotten a little wacky with their sweaters this year. Or wackier than normal. These garments might not be too practical for non-model types, but they might give us knitters some ideas. The natural colors and interesting textures of the first group of knits might be inspiring. And the colorful stripes from the 3’s company type designs could be cute and quirky.

First, there are the sweaters not only knit from animal fibers, but inspired by animals, such as…


prd_id=845524446228475&FOLDERfolder_id=282574492043419&ASSORTMENTast_id=1408474395222441&bmUID=1251160136956&ev19=2:73">Missoni (It’s even better from the back—check it out)


prd_id=845524446228166&FOLDERfolder_id=282574490619215&ASSORTMENTast_id=1408474395222441&bmUID=1251160136928&ev19=2:53">Marc by Marc Jacobs

See also this and this.


Stella McCartney

On the other hand, there’s definitely a 70s theme going on. These remind me of something from Three’s Company, for some reason:

For Janet:

prd_id=845524446228153&FOLDERfolder_id=282574492710571&ASSORTMENTast_id=1408474395222441&bmUID=1251160865313&ev19=1:7">Marc by Marc Jacobs, again

Okay, it looks cuter prd_id=845524446228153&FOLDERfolder_id=282574492710571&ASSORTMENTast_id=1408474395222441&bmUID=1251160925727&ev19=1:7">layered

For Mrs. Roper:

St. John Weekend Dolman Sleeve Cardigan

St. John Weekend

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