Sunday, December 13, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have a Dress Form

I've had a yen for a dress form for a while now. I like how you can photograph knits on a mannequin, or use it to fit designs. But they are EXPENSIVE. Even the crappy ones at Joann's are two hundred bucks. No way dude.

Then I learned you could make them out of duct tape. There's a demo in this video:

The thing is, I'd want a stand, and something quite rigid (for pinning and manipulating designs) and also something slightly (only slightly) more enticing to look at. I'll have to think about the mods I'm going to make to this basic duct-tape-mannequin concept. I'll share what I come up with.

Meanwhile, anyone else have any experience making one of these? Wanna share advice?


Anonymous said...

I hear you about the need (yes "need" not "want" as my husband would have you believe) for a dress form. I've seen this demo but have never tried it. I found this vendor on etsy who usually has some nice looking dress forms in her shop for a really reasonable price:
it's on my christmas list (but then, it was on my list last year too! LOL)

jordynn said...

What about a casting technique (like people sometimes do of their pregnant bellies)? You could then paint it, so it might look cool.

But I guess the great thing about a real dress dummy is that you can adjust it if your body changes.