Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Husband's Christmas Sweater 2009

I try to knit him a sweater each year.

Okay, this is only sweater #2, because it's only year of marriage #2. But it seems I should be able to maintain this tradition.

This year's sweater is another Gamekeeper [Ravelry], this time in dark green.

This time around, I added some short rows at the back of the neck so the neck lies higher in the back than in the front. It was kind of a duh-moment for me, when I realize that boat-neck tops just don't look so awesome on men.

The raglan shaping still does wonderful things for the husband's shoulders, though.

If you are interested in knitting Gamekeeper for your gentleman, a PDF download of the pattern can be purchased for $6.00.

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Kelly said...

Such a nice sweater. I have a sweater, my first, ready to put together but have no clue how to join the raglan sleeves. Yours look perfect! ~Kelly

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