Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm NOT Fishing

I'm knitting mittens. Lots of mittens. Cold just snapped and I realized I gave all of my knitted mittens away. I'm revising an early pattern of mine, Chopin (to increase its awesome quotient), and making some holiday gifts as well.

Here's the real deal, though: I HATE how I look in my sweaters. I had my baby 7 months ago. Weaned him two weeks ago, and I look......lumpy. In my knits. I can't stand it. There were tears. A knitter who can't wear her knits? Is there anything more tragic?

So, mittens.

I had my sister model my sweaters for me for our Winter Collection, and they look fabulous, so I know the knits don't suck. I just can't wear them right now. Since it's 30 degrees outside, that makes me really sad.

So, I'm knitting mittens to wear on my walks in the morning and hopefully the lumpy will turn into luscious lady lumps.

We'll see.

Reminder--I'm NOT fishing for "you look great!" or "don't worry about it!" I'm a realist. And a pragmatist.

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