Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Inspired Knitting

Katie and I became friends while watching the TV show Bones. We both totally identify with the somewhat nerdy lead character, played by Emily Deschanel. So I was pumped to find this series of patterns, designed by Liz Abinante. (I can’t believe I just notice these now—these patterns have 1000s of hearts and tons of projects on Ravelry)!!!

First, there’s “Temperance” (named after Temperance Brennan, or “Bones”):

Next, there’s “Traveling Woman,” inspired by the character Angela:

And last, there’s “Saroyan,” inspired by Dr. Camille Saroyan:

These projects are a great testament to the strong female characters on the show. (We highly recommend it, in case you haven’t seen it!) Best of all, these patterns are all free!


Someday_phd said...

I'm trying to finish a few projects, then I'm tackling socks. I love "Temperance."
Can I suggest some one create a really vibrant, crazy sock pattern for "Sealy"? After all, they talk about his socks all the time.

jordynn said...

That's a fabulous idea!