Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pattern: Nimbostratus Lace Shawl

[updated 14 Mar. 10]

Nimbostratus is a reversible lace shawl or scarf worked on the bias using a variety of easy-to-memorize stitches. This is a great first lace project.

The pattern is available for purchase for $6.

It is also available as part of our Winter 2009-2010 Pattern Collection.

A nimbostratus is a cloud common to the tropics, that brings rain. It is a low, even-textured cloud, usually gray, with layers stacked upon one another.

It's hypnotic evenness evokes the rhythmic pattern of this shawl, with its rows of faggoting on the bias and double yarn-over "stripes" bordered by garter stitch.

Nimbostratus is knit on the bias using Victorian lace fagotting stitch and some larger double-yarn-overs for the stripes of holes. This pattern looks the same on both sides (it is reversible), which is important to me for shawls, and is very VERY easy to memorize.

If you are a new lace knitter, this pattern is a cinch. Once you get the hang of the increases and decreases to create the bias, you can put those charts away.

You will need approximately 500 yards of a fingering or sport weight yarn, ideally a fluffy mohair or a lace-weight yarn held doubled. The blue yarn pictured is a handspun.

You can also make this wider if you want, and use even more yarn. It's up to you!

Nimbostratus can be purchased individually for $6.

(Or it can be purchased as part of our Winter 2009-2010 Pattern Collection.)

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