Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pattern: Vagabonde Wrap Cardigan

[revised 13 Mar. 10]

Vagabonde can also be purchased online for $6.

The name of this cardigan is taken from French author Colette's famous novel, La Vagabonde, published in 1910.

The narrator, Renee, is a dance-hall performer in early 20th-century Paris. This sweater evokes the wispy and translucent garments worn by Renee both onstage and when she meets her admirer, Maxime, offstage.

Vagabonde is knit from the top-down using raglan shaping and requires only minimal seaming.
It is available in sizes XS-XXL, requires 500-800 yards of your favorite mohair yarn, and is worked on size 10 needles at a gauge of 3 sts per inch--really fast knitting.

Vagabonde can be purchased for $6.

It can also purchased as part of our Winter 2009-2010 Pattern Collection.

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