Sunday, January 3, 2010

Chartres Lace Stole - Major Pattern Update!

Katie Rose here:

[updated February 2015]

Available as a PDF download for $2.00.

Necessity yields creativity, they say.

Let me tell you a story. The heroes of this story are a woman named Hope and a bag of Noro Silk Garden yarn she gifted me last year.

I love this yarn. The rich jewel-tone colorway, the squooshiness of the silk and wool and whatever other yumminess Mr. Noro saw fit to include in this yarn.

I had 12 skeins. I was ready to rock and roll.

The first thing I made was a lace stole. I named it Chartres after the most beautiful stained-glass windows in the world.

Then I discovered Britta--from Verena's fall issue, 2009. I had to have it.

The thing is, in order to finish this sweater, I had to go back to Chartres and poach a little yarn--shortening the thing by about 8 inches. Which made me very sad, and I never wore it again--it was just too short.

Meanwhile, I knitted the stupidest sweater in the world:

I used Cascade Pastaza (2 strands) and Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted (1 strand) in order to achieve the super-bulky weight required. When I frogged, I ended up with three basketball-sized balls of three ply yarn that I was SO UNMOTIVATED to unwind and re-skein.

Hmmm. Shawl too short. Lots of single-ply, jewel-tone yarn in a tripled ball.


There is a rich red stripe in the Silk Garden colorway that I wanted to highlight with the fringe. I cut 2 foot lengths of the basketball yarn, looped it on, knotted it a bit, and voila. Chartres is reborn.

I've rewritten the pattern to make it more perfect, and added information on various yarn choices and the fringe option. View pattern on Ravelry.

Available as a PDF download for $2.00

**If you have already purchased this pattern through Ravelry you will receive an automatic free copy. If you purchased the Winter 08-09 Collection that this was a part of and you would like the update, simply email me your receipt for the collection and I will send you this update swift as a birdie!**

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