Friday, January 1, 2010

Children Knitting, Part II

I posted pictures earlier of children knitting, circa 1966:

Elderly woman shows four children how to knit.

Here we have children knitting, circa 2009:


My nieces, Kennedey (left) and McKenna (right), wanted to learn to knit this Christmas. Of course, this moment of knitting peace lasted for the approximately 10 minutes (before presents were handed out).Sorry for the blurry photo—Kennedey, especially, moves at warp speed.

Here’s Kennedey’s first attempt:


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cedarstrings said...

I finally caved in to daughter's pleas to teach her to knit ... and in our amazing way (I'm a non-teacher and she is dyslexic), she is actually whizzing along and amazed at how fast her belt is progressing. Children Knitting may be my best project to date.