Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chopin Redux - Better Cables, More Choices

Katie Rose here:

[post updated Feb. 2015]

The following pattern is available as a PDF download for $3.

One of my first handwarmer/mitten patterns was Chopin.

It was a perfectly fine pattern, but in my opinion it doesn't measure up to the design standards of my work now.

So I revised it.

I enhanced the cable work, fixed the thumb stitch count, and provided some options for length as well as width.

Like before, the pattern can be knit as a mitten or finger-less handwarmer. It can be worked with a long cabled wrist (red, shown), with a long ribbed wrist that can fold over like a cuff (gray, shown), or with a short wrist (not shown).

The pattern has three size choices, small (gray, shown), medium (red, shown), and large (not shown). The small will fit a large child's or small woman's hands, the medium a M/L woman's hands or a small man's, the large will fit most men except for NBA athletes.

Chopin is inspired by Frederic Chopin, the Polish-French composer of the Romantic period (b.1810, d.1849). He was often sickly, and cold. These handwarmers are designed to keep hands warm when using a variety of keyboards—piano or computer.

The pattern is available as a PDF download for $3.

**If you have already purchased this pattern, you should receive an automatic email with a link to download the pattern revision for free. If you don't receive the email, just send me your receipt and I'll send you a free pattern update.**

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jordynn said...

Poor NBA athletes. It is so hard for them to find good knitwear patterns. Let alone shoes.