Friday, January 8, 2010

Knitting Resolutions 2010 (with early progress update)

1. I will use my stash yarn before buying more.

Already broken, due to yarn sale at Michael’s (I stocked up on Paton’s Classic Merino to make Indigo Playmate and either Corona or Quadrat.) You really can’t beat Paton’s for price/quality, IMO. I like it better than Cascade 220 as a staple yarn. But I think I’ll be set for a while now.

2. I will get rid of the crappy novelty/craft store yarns that have been clogging up my closet.

Not yet—3 craigslist deals have fallen through so far.

3. I will try new construction techniques, such as *shocker* knitting bottom up, trying set-in sleeves top down, and converting non-seamless to seamless designs.

Sort of –see seamless set-in sleeve sweater, below.

4. I will use newfound skills to design the perfect fit (for me) sweater: it will include short rows for neck shaping, bust darts, and set-in sleeves to de-emphasize the bust area.

Not yet—but I can picture it in my mind. I think it will be green.

5. I will knit some socks.

I’m pretty sure it’s the tiny needles that have put me off. So I’m going to do some nice thick ones, I think, toe-up on two needles.

6. And lace.

Lace befuddles me. Also, the tiny needles! I must conquer this issue. Again: I think starting with something thicker will be key.

7. I will knit other people’s patterns more.

So far so good! Currently knitting:


EZ’s Seamless Set-in Sleeve Sweater (which I plan to convert to top down after this go-around)

And Wendy Bernard’s Backwards Cable Pullover (only I’m putting the cable in front).

What are your New Year’s Knitting Resolutions? We want to know!

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Beck said...

I didn't make any knitting resolutions this year, but I have a few goals in mind. I want to knit more socks. I love knitting them and last year life got in the way. I also want to get rid of some of my yarn that I bought and will never use - but at the same time, I want to build a nice stash of staple yarn.