Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stash Before & After

Copy of yarn 004

My stash circa 2008


Circa 2010.

Taking stock here, you can see that I’ve significantly expanded my book collection (and there are more laying about my living room), and my collection of neutral yarns. But, I haven’t made much headway on some of this yarn, which I’m supposed to be using up rather than buying more—like the blue-purple section (which has expanded quite a bit). I’m happy with my stash, though, and I figure that as long as it fits in this cupboard, I’m not going overboard. (This does exclude the crappy yarn I’m trying to get rid of…)

At any rate, this is how I organize my stash—by color.r  (I have cedar chips inside to deter moths). This makes the most sense to me—it is how I organize my clothes closet and my bookshelves, too. I love being able to open my closet and see all my yarns. How do you organize your stash?

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Lynx said...

organize? it's supposed to be organized? omg......