Monday, February 1, 2010

FO: Tenley Cowl Sweater

One day, Jordynn and I met up at a coffee shop to work and knit, and she arrived wearing this fabulous sweater she'd just finished. The sweater was Tenley, which is now part of our Winter 2009-2010 pattern collection. I bought the yarn for it that very day.

This sweater is warm, but also dressy enough to teach in, with a skirt and tall boots, when the weather is cold. As a professor, I spend a lot of time outdoors, walking across campus. Sweaters like this one are a must.

When I finished it yesterday, we were getting dumped with snow--the most we've had since we bought this house. I was loving the big ole cowl.


Pattern: Tenley Cowl by Jordynn Jack of the Knitty Professors [Ravelry]

Size: 40" bust, but with a larger gauge to create more ease (4 sts per inch). (Then I brought it in more in the waist/cable area. Trying to de-emphasize the post-partum belly.)

Yarn: Paton's Classic Wool Merino in Merlot Heather

Needles: Size 8s for body, 7s for ribbing


(1) I worked this in a looser gauge than called for to create fullness, the really pulled it tight with the cables underneath the bust, by downsizing needles and decreasing a few stitches.

(2) I also (accidentally!) modified the center "medallion" cable. Don't do as I did--follow Jordynn's instructions instead.

(3) I decreased to 33 sts at the cuffs, creating a slight blouson at the end of the main part of the sleeve.


So cuddly and warm. Go make one.

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